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We DEVELOP OUR OWN IN-HOUSE SYSTEM, from process of defining, designing, testing and implementing a new software application or program to governing the whole public transport.


Simplicity, flexible and robust system in selling tickets, memberships, manage and total automate the entire booking process that can cater multitude ticket selling such
as ticket outlets, online e-commerce, kiosk vending machine and authorized ticket agents both computerized and manual.


Malaysia LARGEST Ticket Hub Online

Leading-edge source solution that provide one stop ticketing solution and reservation for transportation industries, events, hospitality and tourism throughout online system.


Complete solutions to the complex task of managing the modern terminal.

Some of our highlight project that we successful to make it

 We have a long history of involvement in the success story of Centralized Ticketing System (CTS). With our in-house system, we cater the expanding
needs in transportation industry expansion, from integration up to the level of managing daily terminal operations.

  • 2011

    TBS, Kuala Lumpur

  • 2014

    KLIA2, Sepang

  • 2018

    Penang Sentral, Penang

  • 2019

    Terminal Meru Raya, Ipoh

  • 2019

    Terminal 17, Shah Alam

  • 2019

    KLIA, Sepang

  • 2020

    Terminal Sentral Kuantan, Kuantan