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Terminal Putrajaya Sentral, Putrajaya


At Terminal Putrajaya Sentral, we have been appointed by Pulse Group as the provider for the Terminal Management System (TMS).

Our scope of work includes supplying and maintaining the TMS for the PULSE teams to manage bus operations. This ongoing project, which began in 2023, aims to significantly enhance the terminal’s functionality and overall user experience.

Our efforts focus on ensuring efficient operations and improved passenger satisfaction through this extensive refurbishment.

What we do

At Terminal Putrajaya Sentral, we have implemented a Terminal Management System (TMS) to enhance the overall efficiency and passenger experience. 
Our TMS features a Centralized Ticketing System (CTS), integrated with 48 bus operators, to streamline the ticketing process. 
The Terminal Operating System (TOS) efficiently manages bus traffic flow, optimizing platform allocation and minimizing idling time.
Additionally, the Public Information Display System (PIDS) provides passengers with real-time bus schedules and updates, ensuring they are well-informed throughout their journey. 
We also employ IT technical teams to oversee TMS system, ensuring smooth and efficient terminal management.





System Provider

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