About us

Just a few words

Why is it best to choose our company?

We are a IT solutions and services agency who passionate in defining, designing, testing and implementing a new application of solutions with 16 year of successful history

Our concept is to bring the new idea and solution to future of world business. As we mention earlier.

Our company was incorporated in Malaysia on 23 December 2004 as provider in IT Solutions and Services. We strive and is also very committed in producing a lot of business opportunities in ICT industry. We also promised to deliver high quality product that not only innovative in nature locally but also feature high technology for future international markets.
We shall, in our journey, striving to assimilate new ICT innovation in order to offer best-in-class services for you

16 year experience of working excellent. And we proud of it.

We have a long history of involvement in the success story of Bus Operator Ticketing System, Online Ticketing System (OTS), Terminal Management System (TMS), Data Management, Fleet Management and Cashless Payment System.

With our in-house system, we cater the expanding needs in transportation industry expansion, from integration up to the level of managing daily terminal operations.

The importance of our vision

  • To become the hub to a highly demanded information and technology resources.
  • To offer creative, innovative and value added ICT services to all customers.
  • To always be able in giving excellent support to our customer and business partners.

We have a mission

To assimilate innovation values leadership and business excellence through ICT industry by creating intelligent co-operation with strong business entities in order to offer first class services to all customers